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Dayle Krall's Biography

Richard Sherry dividing Dayle Krall in fourths!

In the time that Dayle has been involved in magic and escapes she has mastered many of the classic escapes and an amazing number of new creations that most escape artists only dream of performing. Such classics include the Chinese Water Torture Cell, the Milk Can, the Authentic Canvas Straitjacket and multiple handcuffs. Some of the new escape creations that Dayle has performed include the newest sensation in escapes called Cubed, the 55 gallon drum, the Stainless Steel Straitjacket, the Water Torture Tank with Cage and Crucible.

Dayle is the only woman in the world currently performing Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell in the proper, upside down position, as Harry Houdini did in the early 1900's. She is also the only escapologist in the world to have performed an upside-down Milk Can escape while in a straitjacket and heavily chained. Dayle is the only person in the history of the world - male or female - to have attempted and escaped from Houdini's water filled Caged Water Torture Cell.

Dayle is also the first person in the world to perform a straitjacket escape while heavily locked and chained underwater in a small clear water tank.

Escape artist legend Steve Baker (aka Mr. Escape) has said, "Dayle's escapes are stunning, raw and hardcore."

It is easy to see why Dayle has achieved the title of World's Most Accomplished Female Escape Artist in a record amount of time. Dayle is unparalleled in the escape field and she leaves a wondrous, lasting impression in the minds of audiences.

On September 21 2012 Richard Sherry and Dayle Krall paid tribute to Harry Houdini by performing an exact working replica of Houdini's most famous escape, the Chinese Water Torture Cell. This tribute was also a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the first performance of this incredible escape by Houdini on September 21 1912. The replica Water Torture Cell was created by Richard Sherry and is a testament to his incredible abilities as a builder. Richard is the first person in the world to create a replica of Houdini's exact Water Torture Cell and with the help of Dayle Krall performing it they have given live audiences of today a chance to experience a piece of history in the 21st century. Dayle Krall is the first person to perform Houdini's original style of Water Torture Cell since Houdini himself.

To learn more about Dayle click here to listen to her Adventure Woman Radio interview.

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